Tudor BB 58 - OG Tudor/Rolex associationen
Super fedt ur og stort tillykke med det! Især på en sort rem spiller det max. Interessant hvor meget den lille røde trekant betyder. Fed detalje.
Mvh Klaus
  • cfnissen
You must compare Tudor to other watches in the same price class.Comparing them
to Rolex is unfair.In the past they were just a cheaper alternative to the genuine thing.
But time has proved that they were great watches anyway.Today many of their designs
leave Rolex standing,and they are well on the way out of the Rolex shadow.But i still think
that many of their watches are still leaning on the Rolex DNA to much.One thing is for sure,
in the eyes of many watch people,they will for many years to come be considered to be
a cheaper form of Rolex.This is a sad but very true fact.But this would never stop me
from owning what i consider to be one of the best value watches you can buy today.
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