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CT watches - willy - 12-01-2023

Just bought a watch from CT watches.As usual great service from Claus,he really is
one of the good guys if you need to buy a watch.Cannot recommend him enough. Icon_Up

RE: CT watches - khbk - 12-01-2023

Til lykke med uret.
Er det noget at fortælle om?

RE: CT watches - willy - 13-01-2023

This is what i got from Claus.I used to have the old model.
A very underrated watch in my opinion.It is very light and
very comfortable to wear on the very soft rubber strap.
It does not wear big,and the build quality is superb.

CT watches - Avantismo - 14-01-2023

Shogun er et fantastisk ur.

Godt valg

RE: CT watches - willy - 14-01-2023

(14-01-2023, 03:16 PM)Avantismo Skrev: Shogun er et fantastisk ur.

Godt valg

Yes the titanium model,is very good value for the money,and very
very comfortable to wear.