Tudor Pelagos thoughts.

The above review is more of a advertisement for the watch,but the details of the Pelagos are
really portrayed in an excellent way. There are so many reviews of this watch and it seems to get so many
good write ups,that i just had to get one and give it a trial on my wrist.

I will not bore you with pictures you can easily google, or go into technical details
that have been on the net for a long time.I will just give you my impressions of my Blue Pelagus .

I wanted a fairly good looking watch,that was easy to wear and functional for anything
i threw at it in daily use.I did not want just another highly polished dive watch that is more designed for dress
than practical use.I still have my Rolex single red sea dweller,but to be honest i do not wear it for fishing or
working in the garden.It is just to expensive for me to risk wrecking a 100,000 kr watch on the sharp edge of
a tool or the side of a boat. This often strikes me as very funny,when i think back to how we used to treat our
Subs in the English military.How times have changed  Icon_smil

I did a swap deal with my Tudor Ranger for the Pelagos with Micke from Dreamwatch, always
one of the many excellent Danish watch dealers we are lucky to have.

First impression was that blue gets a new meaning with this watch dial.It is a very different
shade compared to many blue dial watches on the market today. I think you either will love it or hate it,but not to
worry it also comes in a black dial version.I quite like it because it looks a bit different to the millions of black dial
dive watches out there.

It is a very light watch,138 grams on the bracelet,and it seems to disappear on the wrist.

It is maybe the most comfortable watch i have ever worn.The bracelet is in my opinion a work of art,and so easy to
adjust.The blue rubber strap that comes with the watch is to stiff in my opinion,and i did not like wearing it at all.

Where this watch really shines is in the details and finish of the case and bracelet.It is really
up there with the best Rolex can do,and its done in a material Rolex do not use, namely Titanium.

I love looking at the details on this watch,and the superb finishing on it.It is beautiful
in its simplicity and function,and i think a future classic in the making.

Need i say how legible it is in any kind of light,with the added bonus of a lume that even beats
the Seiko watches i have owned ! And i never thought i would be saying this with a Swiss made watch.

To say i am happy with this watch would be a understatement.It is the best true tool watch in
its price class i have ever worn,and it reminds me of the first time i wore a Rolex Sub for the first time. And i think
it is underpriced for what it is. Seventy hours of power reserve is so nice to have,and it keeps excellent time.

Servicing this watch should be quick and cheap. They do not service these new calibers anymore,
they just stick a new caliber in the watch when it goes in for a service. Some people do not like this idea of 
replacement calibers,but it is the future and here to stay. The days where they take calibers apart for servicing
is coming to the end. This should help with the price and the time a service takes,and lets face it most watch
calibers are not worth looking at anyway,and i include Rolex here.

If i could have said something negative about this watch i would maybe have said that it is
thick and it lacks refinement. But i cannot say this . Yes it is a bit thicker at 15mm than i usually like,but the Titanium
offsets this problem because it is so light and on the bracelet it achieves the same great balance on the wrist just like
the 43 mm Rolex single red. Refinement on the dial markers or bezel,would in my opinion just take away from the
look of a watch built to be used for anything you can throw at it . This is not a watch built to be admired for its
good looks, it is a very well made piece of equipment for wearing on the wrist,and nothing more.

Below is a link to a review i entirely agree with.
- Jeg er engelsk - bor i Danmark, forstår dansk - men foretrækker at skrive på engelsk Icon_smil
Den er så lækker i den blå version Icon_party
som virkelig er en kontrast imod lænken/kassen Icon_Up

STORT tilykke ven Icon_cool
Yoshikazu Akahane. 28/+50.
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Thank you Jacob,it is a surprising watch. Icon_Up
- Jeg er engelsk - bor i Danmark, forstår dansk - men foretrækker at skrive på engelsk Icon_smil
Jeg ejer ikke uret, men har prøvet det en del gange og er fuldstændig enig med dig i mange af dine overvejelser. Da jeg skulle have et hverdags-ur - altså et ur som kunne sidde på armen døgnet rundt uanset hvad dagen måtte byde var dette ur med i overvejelserne. Det endte dog med et Seamaster, da jeg generelt er Omega "fan-boy"  Icon_lol
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Your Omega is a truly beautiful watch, i cannot say the same about the Pelagos. But lucky for me the Rolex single red is beautiful. Icon_smil
- Jeg er engelsk - bor i Danmark, forstår dansk - men foretrækker at skrive på engelsk Icon_smil
Jeg er bestemt ikke fan af, at værker bare udskiftes og ikke serviceres. En stor del af charmen ved mekaniske ure er netop, at de kan laves og vedligeholdes af dygtige urmagere. Et 50-60 år gammelt Omega fra bedstefars skuffe kan komme til at gå som nyt efter en tur i kyndige hænder. Deri ligger en væsentlig del af magien for mig.
Som jeg har forstået Tudor konceptet, så bliver værkerne faktisk serviceret, men bare brugt i andre ure, der kommer ind. Dvs man får et serviceret værk tilbage bare ikke ens eget. Ved ikke om det er helt galt opfattet?
Either way - jeg vil have mit eget værk serviceret og alt andet er en deal breaker. Icon_evil

Yes i understand ,i think many will feel that way. It does not bother me ,because calibers that do not have
a high end finish are two a penny. I do not want to wait for months to get a simple caliber serviced and
pay a high price for the pleasure Icon_smil There will always be a place for normal servicing of calibers
that do not just get changed out. But i think the exchange caliber system is here to stay and many brands
will be using it in the future.
- Jeg er engelsk - bor i Danmark, forstår dansk - men foretrækker at skrive på engelsk Icon_smil
  • Jens
For mig er det egentlig cool nok med en ombytningsservice. Især hvis det gør at turn around tiden bliver betydelig hurtigere. Jeg har i øvrigt også et Tudor på vej hjem, men det er en lidt anden historie som følger på et senere tidspunkt  Icon_smil
Pelagos er så.. Ja ikke smukt.. Men fucking fedt ur! Og den blå er så lækker! Jeg håber jeg en dag kan smide pengene efter et! Tillykke med det!!

Sendt fra min SM-G960F med Tapatalk
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Thank you Icon_smil They say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This applies to this watch,it is more of
a instrument for wearing on the wrist. And it is so well made.
- Jeg er engelsk - bor i Danmark, forstår dansk - men foretrækker at skrive på engelsk Icon_smil
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